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Personal Survival Techniques

Course information

The course lasts 3 days.

Training topics concern organization of saving life at sea, evacuation techniques, distress signals.

This training is part of the 4STCW course, which includes 3 more basic trainings (required from people professionally working on ships and sailing ships and recommended also to sailors who want to expand their knowledge in the field of maritime safety and perform officer functions on sailing ships):

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting - topics concern:  detecting fires, using fire-extinguishing equipment, organizing fire fighting on the ship.

Elementary First Aid - topics concern: positioning the casualty, resuscitation techniques, wound dressing.

Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities - topics concern: environmental protection regulations, social responsibility, health and safety rules.


  1. Proof of Identity
  2. Valid health certificate
  3. Bathing suit, washing supplies, T-shirt under the suit.

The program is compatible with:

  1. STCW 78 as amended,
  2. STCW Code section A-VI / 1, Table A-VI / 1-1
  3. IMO model course 1.19