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Course information

Course duration: 3 days
Course cost (including VAT): 4,400 pln

Entry requirements:

  • identity card
  • valid health certificate
  • WINDA ID number with valid GWO modules (high, medical, manual)
    working clothes

Course description

The Advanced Rescue Training Standard course - package (4 modules) is a specialized training course aimed at wind turbine workers to develop skills in advanced rescue. It consists of four modules and lasts a total of three days. 

The first module focuses on rescue in the nacelle, tower and basement of the turbine, covering the legal aspects of rescue and evacuation operations, as well as practical exercises. The second module deals with rescues in the hubs, rotors and inside the blades. Both of these modules focus on team operations.

The next two modules focus on individual rescue techniques suitable for different rescue scenarios, with an emphasis on the precise use of rescue equipment and intervention techniques. Particular emphasis is placed on the practical application of different rescue methods, including the use of rescue stretchers and orthopedic boards.

This course provides participants not only with valuable practical skills but also with theoretical knowledge of advanced rescue operations, preparing them to work safely in emergency situations in the wind energy industry. Completion of the course confirms the acquisition of a specialized qualification in the area of rescue operations.